The Sun Rises in the East

It does I promise.

But then Richard Dawkins told me not to be silly. And that I was believing in something puerile which has incited violence across the centuries and further more that the real scandal was that it promotes the value of sacrifice which is from the age of darkness.

It got worse. Some good Christian folk came and said how Dawkins was of the devil and how sun does literally rise in the east and after all who do you really believe in, godless scientists or God himself in His Word. (And they made it a point to capitalise ‘his’ which really riled Me.)

Maybe I should have told Dawkins and his followers and those Christians to speak English, since they had a poor command of language.

Anyway Dr. Wright and I went to the pub and we had a cola and a tea and on Sunday we had wine during the church service. Nice.


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