Bassists I root for

In no particular order are bassists whom I admire and why.

1. Abraham Laboriel – Sheer joy, sheer presence, sheer groove, sheer simplicity. Heaven is a gracious smile, with the waggle of those hips and the chunky fingers doing their thing

2. Billy Sheehan – Bloody fast, lots of hair, bloody fast, part of mr. Big, did I say he was fast?

3. Geddy Lee – Bassist, keyboardist and singer all at once. Such modesty! And he plays with one finger!

4. John Paul Jones – The real genius of Zeppelin. Bassist and keyboardist. Hmmm. Could be a theme here.

5. Flea – A mad jumping groovy man who uses his instrument to cover the essentials

6. Jaco Pastorius – Well, every bassist has got to pay some homage to him. Bit like giving respect to Moses. The tablet guy.

7. Duff Mckagan – GnR was an important part of growing (not necessarily up) and he was one of the first bassists I really listened to.

8. Chris Squire – Well yes.

9. John Patitucci – I’m not so into him now but was a real fan at one point when I pretended I was into jazz. (Well I kind of still am. Into jazz I mean, not Paticucci)

10. Sting – Especially with Vinnie Colauita. They brought out the best in each other.

Well that dates me doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Bassists I root for”

  1. Ah, yes. The Chandy List. A good one. And I’m glad you added Chris Squire and Duff McKagan. They’re often overlooked. And yes, Sting with Vinnie was a truly special combination. Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed Pino Palladino’s work —

    You’ve missed, unsurprisingly, two of my favourite bassists — you and Rzhude. Rzhude had a really strong sense of songwriting and devotion to melody. And the few months I spent with Soup of the Day were a real learning experience — I’ll always remember them fondly.

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