Perverts we love you

Roman Polanski‘s arrest has been protested by various celebrities and in the media. It was very interesting that it took a few days before the reality started dawning and people really started reflecting on what happened. But it is a typical case of the rich and the famous protecting one of their own. Yes there were issues in the way the justice system was acting but still there has to be a public acknowledgment that he did something heinous. These articles give some perspective on the issue.

The fact is an adult manipulated a young 13 year girl used her body in every way possible. In an age of sexual consumption and increasing sexualising of younger and younger girls it almost seems ok. This is the smokescreen that’s clouding all of Roman Polanski’s would be saviours. One can’t help but romanticize a fugitive and that too a talented one.

But this ‘fight’ is really about whether everyone should be under the same law or whether the genius should be given his own universe to play with. This again is the dangerous taste of unreality that each of us longs for but there is actually a more brilliant world out there. My prayers for that 13 year old girl forced to be what she was never meant to be


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