Formula 1

Ever since I read about the rivalry of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in the Reader’s Digest in pre-TV India I was fascinated by formula 1. I was a fan of Schumacher from 1993 when he came second in the German grand prix and I’ve managed to keep track of the world championships since.

The recent events have made the whole soap opera a bit sour but being the cynical person that I am I wasn’t entirely surprised. What has surprised me is the moral indignation of the various people connected with the sport. Look at who heads up the sport. Bernie Ecclestone who spoke in admiration of Hitler. Max Mosley indulges in alleged Nazi style Bondage games and ‘gags’ the press in the process of saying it causes distress to his wife.

Barrichelo a few weeks back said that someone is out to get Flavio Briatore. Seems quite true. The reason why someone is caught and punished at such high levels is normally because there is an internal fight going on. Normally the rich and powerful protect each other as it’s ‘good for business.’

With such huge power games and large sums of money involved it is fairly easy to love ‘the taste of unreality’ and indulge and gorge in it. I guess I like my unreality too. I’m still watching the damn thing.

Sebastian Vettel my favourite.


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