‘…dangerous taste for unreality’

This is what the good Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said in a very interesting programme which marked the first anniversary of the collapse of the Lehmann brothers. He said some very good things actually using unpopular terms like ‘repentance’ to name the type of appropriate response that bankers and we as a consuming society should have had.

The Guardian in their usual anti-religious ranting and raving claimed all kinds of odd things and ended up as confused as the rest of the world. But the truth as the Archbish said was that we all ‘colluded’ in this rather sordid mess. A portion of what he said is here.

I truly admire this man for his wisdom and for the rather odd place he is in. The liberals don’t like him and neither do the conservatives. I must say through the very dry spiritual times his books have really helped me. And I believe through the dry times of recession and no hope, he seems to be a voice rumbling and ruminating through the desert.


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