Everything is Everything

My whole life is a miracle. My whole life is a prayer. My whole life is worship.

Now all these are true… well …ish…. erm… actually I guess they’re not false. A while back at the brilliant group of people that is ‘Thursday at 8’, we were discussing miracles. We talked about what a miracle was. One statement that came out was that ‘Every day is a miracle.’ I couldn’t really disagree with that but Luiza could. She accepted the emotion and feeling behind that statement but simply told us that that’s not what a miracle actually is.

I’ve heard this about prayer as well. And worship. Worship is a word that’s really going through the wars within Christianity at the moment. So much so that we can’t simply say, ‘let’s worship now.’ After all isn’t worship a lifestyle? So now there are qualifiers such as ‘corporate worship’, ‘sung worship’ ‘said worship’ and at the end ‘coffee and cake worship.’

Prayer now encompasses, praise, adoration, intercession and so on. But weren’t these actually terms of worship? So is there any difference between worship and prayer? In the terms of popular theology it would seem not. And yet, it somehow doesn’t feel as though they are the same.

Maybe we’re just coming to grips with metaphor as language develops. The danger is the loss of particularity in how words are used. Recently, in a conversation about worship, I was told about the belief that the truest worship is actually receiving from God. I think such an idea is possible because worship no longer means what it should mean. Worship no longer means to bow down or give worth to. Since worship is now either  our whole lives or that time of communal gathering, the high point of that life and that time will be God’s movement towards us since God is the highest and best possible person to meet and experience. And so instead of ‘us giving to God’ it is ‘us receiving from God’.

I feel confused now. I’m sure others are as well.

Give the word space to breathe.

Maybe we’ll hear better then.


One thought on “Everything is Everything”

  1. Simply, we worship whatever occupies the majority of our time, emotions, loyalties, adoration and love; whatever has captured our heart.

    “Whatever has captured our heart” might be God (at least it ought to be); or it might be someone or something else.

    Only God is worthy and deserving of worship, by this definition; because other persons or things are simply not worship-worthy.

    TRUE worship, then, is the degree or measure of how much of our hearts have been won over by God. This degree will show in what we do with our time, emotions, resources, adoration, love, etc etc. The greater the extent, the more people see God in us; they don’t see us. The lesser the extent, the more people see us rather than God in us.

    Receiving from God is one part of worship, yes, just like praying, praising and LIVING OUT God’s presence in our lives are. But saying this kind of puts a lot of emphasis on the DOING of worship, whereas worship is more an attitude of our heart that defines how we live, than a WORK. The verb I associate with worship is not “DO” but “BE”. “Do” will follow in due course, once “be” is achieved, AND NOT A MOMENT SOONER. When we say “I worship you, God”, though the tense is SIMPLE PRESENT, it is actually just an expression of the condition of the heart (if indeed it is true worship), true in all tenses – Past Continuous, Present Continuous and Future Continuous.

    I guess if we worship God, it shows, no matter how little we are seen to be doing on the outside. If we don’t worship God, that shows as well, regardless of how much we are seen to be doing on the outside. It’s important to realise that when we aren’t worshipping God, we fool no one but ourselves – God is not fooled, neither is the evil one, nor people who see us. Only, we deceive ourselves.

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