A long time ago there was a family in the empire. They were in the empire but they weren’t part of it. Yes they paid their taxes and obeyed most of its laws. But they didn’t go along with what most people did. In fact they rejected the central foundation of the empire. Well they found it tough a lot of the family held on. rejection, torture and death followed.

empires changed, their foundations changed. They were no longer even called those things anymore. In each new age a new entity came which behaved like an empire. Each time the family had to reject the empire but rarely in open rebellion. In fact for a while everyone thought that the family were the emperors and empresses. These were imposters though. the real family still lived against the empire.

The thing with the family was that anyone could be adopted. Anyone. I was too. And as all families go it’s pretty much the same. some fun, some shouting, some anger. And the family still lives against the empire. Naming the empire is much harder now. And living against it is so grey. Yet we somehow do. Because the one who adopted me did. And he’s the true emperor.

A hanged emperor.


One thought on “Empire”

  1. "somehow we do" makes me think. Is that enough?
    Great analogy. Wish you developed on that into a paper/booklet/e-book relating it to our current context and circumstances.

    Or as a coninuation on the blog so that a discussion can follow.

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