A prayer


words always seem to be the last resort
but I long, deeply long
for grace to permeate the meeting
of two people so different
yet so saved.
May the wisdom that
called men to follow her
make herself known.
May patience the hardest fruit
ripen to juiciness
May calmness with a wave
of your hand, settle
May your love be allowed
to flow through their
rusty selves.
And if all goes wrong Lord
we know that you feel
the pain, the loss
and that you will work it out
some other way.
But I do hope what happens
would be the good thing.
Thank you that you indulge in
silly prayers. Amen.


2 thoughts on “A prayer”

  1. Not sure who you prayed this for but it's thoughtfully penned. I love written prayers – the words stay and remind us of how much we longed to say things to God.

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