Why do we die?

A virus.

Some cry, some sigh

some shrug and say ah well.

She made good cakes didn’t she?

We should cry.

Death is horrible.

Asking why allows a basic truth through.

Death is unnatural.

A man on a cross said, ‘Remember me…’

The other said ‘Today you’ll be with me’

Ey? What does that mean?


2 thoughts on “Death”

  1. A family distraught over loss
    Emotion now simmering
    Now overflowing just as the coffin is lowered
    Whats the need of this
    This death from disease, this sorrow
    What good is this evil
    It cannot be part of any big plan
    But now made part of a bigger plan
    To life..because
    Someone said that he was life
    And today will be in paradise

  2. reminds me of Aloyshas dilemma on the death of Zosima…
    how that person, the personality, the memories, the joy that one brings is ended due to the decay of a body..

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