Truly moving or manipulated?

Did you see this?

That woman is definitely quite amazing.

But but but but but

She’s surrounded by media vultures and flesh devourers. Even the journalists who are so called sympathetic to Susan Boyle call her ugly and crow praises on her ‘despite’ her ugliness. True spit(e) that is. The privileged middle class Brit media are showing yet more signs of their living in their self made pie in the sky.

I don’t think she’s ugly. I don’t think she’s pretty either. I also think Julia Roberts is ugly.

I think Susan Boyle has awesome personality. But you can see how this is milked to the extreme. I felt emotional watching the video but I was pushed to that emotion. The producers squeezed every camera angle juxtaposed with the music for maximum teariness and throat lumpiness. Susan Boyle’s voice is not that amazing. It is good no doubt but it’s not as distinctive as Paul Pots the winner a few years ago.

And of course the reaction was no where close. It’s because she’s a woman who doesn’t conform to society’s idolatrous worship of physical beauty. I pray for her that she won’t sucked up into the evil that is around her.

On the other hand this was truly beautiful

This is a sign of the kingdom for me.

And to make some sense of it all this was so good.

Followed by this and this


One thought on “Truly moving or manipulated?”

  1. I have seldom come across a poet whose poetry is such that he can consciously bring it to cognition at the time of writing it.
    The poet himself stands amazed at the words that surface from his unconscious,in other words he himself stands as a spectator to the words that flow from his own mind.
    Therefore the ambiguity clearly is a result of life’s complexity that the sub-conscious reveals in it’s nakedness which the mind forfeits from revealing.The mind is essentially a rational oriented thinking system.
    Therefore,when a poet reveals some truth in the words of his Self,he stands witness to it.I suggest you read Tao Teh Ching and notice the movement of thought.
    PEACE !!

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