Artificial Intelligence and Wall-E

Right. I’m no movie buff. It’s just too emotionally heavy. But I do get impacted by them and I know they present powerful lenses to this world we’re trying to wade through. So here goes some thoughts.

Wall-e and Artificial Intelligence are centrally about love. Quite obvious in the case of AI where it’s all about the little robot wanting its mother’s love and more subtly in Wall-e where the little robot and Eve get togther in a jig.

In comparison AI actually doesn’t say anything about love. We’re given all these subtle images of love between a mother and child with hugs, birthday cakes, hide and seek etc. but what do we know about love from AI? Love wants, love almost gets, love is satisfying. For a bit. Of course in the morning it’s gone. But the memory is enough. It almost feels like the paradigm of a one night stand thrust onto what is a commonly held holy relationship between mom and son.

Wall-e? A lonely one learns through outside sources love, music and dance. When a possible companion appears he tries to communicate. Cares, protects. And in the end is willing to give up his own existence as well. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love will sacrifice itself. Love is curious. And love is astonishingly creative forever and growing.

And here is the odd thing. In AI love is a programme which is planted. In Wall-e it’s something he evolves to do. Which is quite interesting with creation evolution screechings occuring in madhouses.

Though I must say for AI that the real relationship which does actually shine through is between David and Teddy. Faithfulness, hope and eternalness. That’s what teddy is to David.

So there you go, no wonder when you preach about love you so often lustify it with love relegated to a small corner of the bed.


2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and Wall-E”

  1. I think gotten a little too personal with Love.
    Wall-E is a piece of art,it’s not something you can talk over a computer scientist’s desk.
    The Director(Andrew Stanton,one of my favorites) doesn’t want to plagiarize the scientist’s findings of an AI machine,all he wants to show is that Love is so unique that it can make even a Robot’s program go haywire.

    Love is Charity,Love is Kind,Love is Humble,Love is Truth,Love is Hope etc. but above all Love is Irrational.It is by it’s virtue of being Irrational that make it unique,it’s adhesive qualities are because it can fix issues that are rationally comprehensible.
    Let’s not forget,the director preceded Wall-E’s melancholy before Eve’s entry,showing that the virtue of Love is universally affecting.Isn’t today’s man not a product of a mechanized environment,whose work is not affected by anything Irrational? I think its an allegory to the condition of man today.

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