There is no spoon

‘ You have to do the imaginative work. No one else can do it for you’

This line from Jonny Baker has stuck with me. It’s one of those kind of things that you wonder about but at the right time and in the right context it comes out with an articulation which gently becomes less muddy.

At the symposium deep calls to deep I went to a few workshops and this was the overiding question and need.

How do we apply it?

How do we practically do it?

These questions seem to pervade all existence. Mindless rumination and thought are considered a waste of time. And this was exactly how the totalitarian communist regimes worked. If it wasn’t ‘useful’ then it wasn’t worth anything.

This is something that science struggles with as well. A lot of money is thrown at ‘useful’ projects and there isn’t much into so called ‘pure’ science. But the simple fact what seemed like pointless rumination and metaphysics find themselves in our everyday computer chips and processes.

When it comes to church this need for ‘practicality’ is getting more and more true with the churches that i was involved with. The need for prepackaged solutions. No wonder our churches aren’t relating. We’re just importing everything from elsewhere ruining the spiritual give and take of our own people.

So Bangalorean Christians import their songs, their prayer books, their bible readings, their church models, and… it’s depressing isn’t it. Where’s the free thinking? Where’s the creativity? The churches are bursting with creative people. But they are shunned. Or asked to do something peripheral.

Isn’t there anyone who wants to do the imaginative work? Or wants it to be done?


One thought on “There is no spoon”

  1. Quite. Where are the ‘seekers and dreamers’? I think they are popping up in unexpected places. I pray they pop up in Bangalore.

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