the seeriyuss nature of youmer

some people have said that I’m a humourous person. But that’s a simple error. I’m a dour, depressive who gets cheap kicks at mangling language. My wife, on the other hand is humourous. Why? She actually sees the funny side of things, when they go wrong. If I had had a terrible day at work, then walked back in the rain, to be shat on by a seagull, my face would be Katrina. My wife, laughed.

if you observe today’s humour the most obvious subjects are sex, race, sex and did I mention sex?
And we miss out so much. We do. The true comedians are those who don’t miss much. They look at an ordinary everyday situation and… they laugh. They are the true see-ers. Seer. In other words prophets.

Due to the blessing of Youtube i’ve been able to see one of my favourite contemporary comedians. Eddie Izzard. Look at a couple of his sketches. You’ll know what I mean.

3 thoughts on “the seeriyuss nature of youmer”

  1. The thing about the horribly irritating things in life is that they make good anecdotes later. I may not laugh at the time, but I WILL laugh, when I’m cheerfully retelling my tales of woe (when I am sufficiently recuperated, I suppose, and in the example you gave, all cleaned up). I suppose that makes me an *eventually* humorous person.

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