Brood is up on myspace

All thanks to Luiza who believed I could actually finish it, and Anurag who patiently sat with me and my erratic behaviour and mixed it, Rudy for the finishing touch and of course the ‘brood girls’

Phoeba Daniel
Christina Arnold
Sneha Cherian
Daphimanroi Warjri
Tanvi Rao

THANK YOU. Thank you God


the seed of beingness
reality blooms
over the waters
he broods

the spring of time
ready to burst forth
the source breathes the word
and there’s light
(light shines in darkness)
shines shines

the thunderous voices
the joyous triune
shouts in delight
it’s good

the stars and the sky dance
the fiery dove
alights on creation
there’s life
life from love on high
life from on high
love from on high

glimpse the first day hear, the sound, of the first day
creation is unveiled in his amazing grace
Father, Son, Spirit say
It is very good

Humanity woven
In love’s true image
To garden creation
In praise
Praise to our God who is over all

how did we ever lose it all?
how did we ever fall?
why does it have to be like this?
just from a serpent’s hiss?
death and it’s fears
pain and tears
follow us everywhere

Father when will we be free
Father is death our destiny
when will the serpent be crushed
Spirit breathe on us once again

once again

embrace us holy dove
live in us fire of God
Gather us
in your wings
Draw us close
cover us

7 thoughts on “Brood”

  1. sounds good! Reminded me a bit of that song”Abba, Father”(don’t know the title) which Sunita sang on that recording of theirs.
    Susan aunty

  2. Hey Sunil… I hadn’t listened to the song on your when I went through the lyrics. It’s truly beautiful and very expressive.

    The brooding of the Spirit over the waters…I can hear the fluttering of the wings =)….I like the explosion once the word is spoken…the expression of the entire spiritual realm getting activated by His words…the joy of creation….

    But I felt you could create a bit more gravity to the fall…

    Great work all of you!



  3. thanks siddarth for the encouragement

    I deliberately didn’t want too much gravity on the fall because that’s all evangelicals seem to focus on rather than on focussing on God himself.

  4. wow!!this stuff is mindblowing,awesome lyrics,awesome intervowen vocals.i have always been a fan of the christ college choir,and of you,mr.chandy!really,this piece almost transported me to a different world.can this be sung live?

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