At last!

zorro was walking around the town
suddenly one guy jumped at him and before you could say zorro
he’d chucked zorro in the nearby river
zorro was a bit puzzled and a bit wet
he shuffled out of the river and before he could say ‘zorro’!
he found himself back in the river again!
now zorro isn’t a bad chap
but he thought there was something fishy in all this
so he shuffled back onshore
he was back in the water
he called out in a beautiful Spanish accent

what you doing like this for?

and the man said

“see hombre!
nothing personal hokay?
but eet ees my girlfriend
she eh the
ah ditched me”


went on the man
“I’m drowning my zorros”


7 thoughts on “At last!”

  1. Haha!! oh my!!! Awesome….really funny!! =)I didn’t even see it coming though I was trying like crazy to guess the punchline while reading!

  2. I must say…this did create a whole load of laughs when I narrated this to people. You were duly credited.
    Me likes…on second thoughts 😀

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