‘AU’some weekend

There was 1 disappointing note to the weekend. So shall crib and whine in the beginning itself. It was in church. A lot of hard work went into a musical put up by our church choir. And the rendition and the spirit behind it was good. But 2 men, control freaks, creatures who lost understanding of life and meaning spoilt it by insisting on having their way.

One made sure that the service was extra long by not adjusting the service to the musical. The musical just became a plug in for the service. I thought Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man and not the other way around?

The other guy defeated the whole purpose of the musical by adding his sermon not just once but twice! Before and after! The stupidity of it all! These men wish for their bit to be said and don’t give space for others to say what they should. Don’t you realise that the music can speak without you adding your thunderous tones to it? Don’t you realise that you are not building other people by ensuring that you are heard more than other people? DISGUSTING! Sunil left the building with unhealthy fumes generously wafting from his ears.


AU were in town. And our Christ college album got released. Yay!
AU are truly AUsome.

Because they are really good musically
Because they are really creative
Because they have a great spirit about them

It was truly uplifting to see them and see their dedication to the group. It was also sad to think that bangalore is such and itty bitty place with too much attitude. But I hope that those who saw them would try and emulate them. They are the benchmark for any vocal group in India.

Thank you AU for showing a bit of what God has intended.


6 thoughts on “‘AU’some weekend”

  1. but considering how calls to accept the Lord or rededicate are common practice, what if the men were not being control freaks but thought that it may do good do bring it up in that mood? Maybe they don’t understand the aesthetics of church and worship the way you do?

  2. oh man… i think i know exactly what youre saying sunil.
    i missed sunday though i badly wanted to be there, so i didnt see for myself.
    but too many people arent mature enough to realize that music can speak for itself.

  3. it isn’t about aesthetic of church and worship. It’s about
    1. caring about people who have sat for a long time in a service which they’ve just sat in.
    2. whether you trust the people who have prepared the music with a lot of hard work and spiritual preparation
    3. whether you trust God can speak through the music without add ons and interjections

  4. i got to get out of my naivety..
    I guess growing up in places where sermons and prayers are like penance, i now overlook time spent in church. long is normal, talking a lot is normal, so is being bored(I fence with boredom and day dreaming though)
    personally, i had a lump in my throat from the first chord, and since sunday, prayer has re entered my life. since that effect is still with me, I think I overlooked what went wrong

  5. Performing At christ college was a a truly special experience, all of us who went on tour are dyin to come back to bangalore… Cant thank you enough Sunil.
    P.s. I love your blog !

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