Hi Sunil how’ru?

Not bad, not bad and you?

Hey not bad at all, been busy?

Yes quite and you?

Kind of what you been upto?

Nothing much, nothing much but been busy and you?

Nope, nothing, not really nothing, but yeah… nothing.

Nothing huh? how’s the family

good good been good. how’s the folks

yeah yeah nice, nice, real nice.

Hey! I gotta get going real busy, nothing really but you know..

Ya man Sunil take care.

You too Sunil. Bye.


6 thoughts on “aimless”

  1. the state of relationships these days? the most common converasation here would be
    “How are you? Did you eat? See ya..”
    Would it be better if we just ignored eachother, rather than want to finish a conversation as soon as it starts? And why? We got to stay in touch right?
    With all these gizmos, you would think we would be getting closer..
    I’m included when I say that a lot of us take each other for granted.

    hmm, I’m with anonymous. What are you talking about?

  2. sometimes you want to say something to somebody. but you dont know what to say. so you say something, maybe even manage a fairly lengthy conversation. then you realise youve said nothing at all.

  3. this is the transcript for every single IM conversation I’ve had. I dont know why i even bother with ‘messengers’

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