Queasy like a Sunday morning…

I find a lot of Sunday services a bit flat. That’s ok. I should make more of an effort, anyways things are never perfect, and of course I’m not going to church to be entertained. And the fellowship afterwards does have a certain holiness and spirituality of its own.

A few services are really good. All of us seem connected and God seems so real and good.

Today’s service was queasy.

First I led worship. Quite flat. I hadn’t really prepared for the enormity of the subject we were singing about. Of course my pride got in the way. And then usual sound problems and irritating powerpoints. All blessings on the choir who made it in the middle of their study? hols, though.

But the ultimate Queasy moment came from the preach. It meandered through various bits and verses and anecdotes and what took the sickening cake was an article that was read out to us that appeared in a newspaper.

A retired IAS man had written an article with a title like “assault on the soul of a nation” The article said about how a ‘cross’ has appeared on the new 2 rupee coin. The writer asked whether it was an Italian government plot to convert the whole country to Christianity!!! Obviously the Sonia Gandhi connection blah blah blah. Is this a Catholic country the writer asked to have this ‘cross’ on our 2 rupee coin.

I found this enormously funny. almost burst out laughing. This writer and the fundamentalists who were so worried about backmasking in rock music should sit together and write more conspiracy theories.

But the preacher said. ‘Praise God! He’s scared of the cross!’


Had a very depressed Sunday

6 thoughts on “Queasy like a Sunday morning…”

  1. These 2 rupee coins have been withdrawn by Govt.
    Not in circulation ne more.

    BTW that is not a cross,
    In ancient India coins of taxila also with the hollow cross but that period was 300 BC( before Christ )
    Our ancient holy symbol “Swastika” used by Hitler on coins and his national flag,

    Akbar the great minted ‘Ram seeta’ coins in silver with their portraits.
    Mahmoud issued coins with Sanskrit script with goddess Lakshmi.
    Kushana issued coins with Buddha /Shiva and Lakshmi.
    Coins are reflections of our culture and traditions.

  2. i kinda liked those coins.
    anyways..the following sunday, the preacher should’ve talked about “crosses” on all medical related vehicles and should’ve quoted from some letter demanding that they be banned.
    No. Instead, he talks about how clothes are important. “They cover us… and you can identify a preacher by the white plastic thing in his collar.. and you know lawyers, those liars are identified by white ‘strips’ dangling from their collars….”
    well, that may have been pretty accurate some 20000 years ago… now im convinced that lawyers these days lie less and preachers lie more.

  3. “These 2 rupee coins have been withdrawn by Govt.
    Not in circulation ne more.”

    im seeing more and more of those coins man!

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