dearth of mad ads

it’s a bad pun. but it’s true.

someone asked me what i thought of the banning of mad ads in the Christ college campus. those not completely in the picture will be interested to know that mad ads is a simple skit parody of well known adverts and various colleges put more emphasis on the mad while other emphasize on the ad.

Christ college had an extremely illustrious history of mad ads with the a name being created in south india for wacky humour, slapstick acting and great co-ordination. There was a time when mad ads had the atmostphere of a rock show where the quadrangle was filled to the brim and hearing a thousand people laugh is no joke.

then the jokes started to repeat themselves. there was nothing new. it became less clever. less polished. the vulgarity which was always contained in clever inuendo ocassionally became frontal nudity. the spoof weren’t all that new. even the ads that were spoofed weren’t all that new.

deep analysis of why and how and tv habits etc. can be done but bottom line it wasn’t really that funny anymore. which is why i never opposed it’s willful demise. mad ads should’ve evolved into something as funny but with more punch. it never did. I picked the brains of brightest and best in college but there was no answer.

The point is that humour and satire need to be expressed but what is the new way to do this? no one seems to know. formulas are simple to follow but difficult to concieve.

so now that mad ads has died i’m still hopeful and waiting that there exists its long lost mirthful child that will tickle a 1000 people again… and again.

3 thoughts on “dearth of mad ads”

  1. Oh well…I remember sitting for days together trying to re-hash that complete format! Now, it’s all over. I support it’s exit. I don’t think mediocrity is something Christ should associate itself with.

  2. re-hash, he says. Mr. I can change the world. If you rearranged the words “christ college” you can get “mediocrity”.

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