those damn lists

I hate those top 10 lists that come out every year. but one must pin ones depressive hopeful states on something!

Bottom 10 things of the year

  1. horrible dusty HSR layout with horrible neighbours and horrible dogs
  2. the ever increasing isolation of Luiza Chandy
  3. the loss of some friendships
  4. the lack of bass playing
  5. the state of my church
  6. the state of my relationship with God
  7. my leaving TAAQ again
  8. the periodical checking of my bank account
  9. people not landing up for choir practice or performances without prior information
  10. my failure at getting my recording started

Top 10 things of the year

  1. Every new move and sound from Kiarna
  2. the trip to England with Lui and Kia
  3. the wonderfully fulfilling Christ college choir. watta bunch!
  4. Gertrude and the extra blessings of equipment lent and given
  5. being able to write new stuff. far more productive compared to 2005. again the Christ college choir really helped!
  6. the bible study group – my faith in humanity isn’t extinguished – yet!
  7. My parents and brother. Solid as a rock.
  8. Christ college. Has given me space and a platform.
  9. Being told that I gave people the wish and the desire to sing
  10. Reconciliation with somebody I hated

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