Missing link 2

Thankfully I had slightly alternative parents. I never had too much emphasis on study, study, study. I’m happy and grateful. But growng up in small town Kottayam, Kerala meant that you were never far away from the disdain that doing music generated. Even my cool school was infected with it. A person who was good at music always faced a completely two faced attitude. Both faces ridiculous.

One level worship. ‘You guys are gods!’

On another ‘So what are you going to do…? no… other than music.’

One of the worst and best things the church ever did to us was to fire my dad. Stupid putrid politics typical of the church but it got my dad into music. I’m not sure what everyone thought of it. He was a priest.

So priest = good status, something worthwhile.

Now he was doing music.

Musician = not real life.

Priest + Musician = ????

My mom’s dad was a priest first who did music. So he was essentially just a cool priest. No one spoke of him as a musician though he wrote many songs and kindly passed on his talent to most of his grandkids.

But even I was infected by the fact that music wasn’t really a living choice. I tried a few things and every time God threw me back into this pool of doing music. Even today I’m very wary of saying ‘I do music.’ It seems to be a surefire conversation stopper. So I do the usual cowardly, spineless thing and say ‘I work in Christ college…. as a mentor.’ Shame on me.

My employers don’t seem to be that infected though. Hence I have a job. They believe I have something real to offer to the students there. Not too sure what the students think of it all. Not sure at all of what my fellow staff members think of it.

I could rant on and on. But my confidence has been often boosted by an innocuous verse in the bible. Gen 4:21-24 lists 3 brothers. Jabal the father of all who look after livestock, Jubal the father of all play the harp and flute, and Tubal-cain the father of all who work in bronze and metals.

Livestock, music, metalwork.

It’s all part of life.

Anything else is a lie.


5 thoughts on “Missing link 2”

  1. You are entirely right when you make reference to music being a good developmental tool… Have you ever explored why it is that people look down upon folks pursuing music?

    -Is it because of bad reputation surrounding good music?
    -Or is it bad pay that surrounds most musicians? (Ofcourse, unless you are one of those rich musicians! )
    -Is it because music enables people to pierce an imaginary world of noise… it is to some an escape apparatus to ignore the nitty-gritty of life? What one finds when he/she gets out of this imaginary world is a veracity devoid of the “umpth” (The feeling one associates with listening to music).
    -Or is it because music is so provisional in its status? What seemed like the best thing since the Beatles is not the best thing anymore? Only a few become classics and the rest just lets the moment pass you by!

    I am becoming all the time more aware that people are listening to more music these days than ever before. In some contexts it certainly is a conversation stopper!

    I can imagine you standing at Kottayam Bus stand and speaking to one of your long forgotten uncles about your career plans:

    Thomakuttychayan: Enna ondu Sunil mone… Nee Bangaloril enna cheyuva?

    Sunil: Achaya… Njan Bangaloril oru Rock stara.

    Thomakuttychayan: Adu sherry… Angana paranja enna, mone?

    Sunil: Njan Guitaru vayichu paatu paadum.

    Thomakuttychayan: Ooooooo… nee Bendicosi chernalle?

    (Conversation paused)

    Sunil: Illachaya… Njan Christ Collegil paatu paadan padipicugeya

    Thomakuttychayan: Aa College malayaligulade alle?

    Sunil: Adde, Ayirathi thollayirathi irruvadu thotte innu varre Malayali Principalgallada aarum pricipalugal ayitilla.

    Thomakuttychayan: Ade orru nalla karyama mone.

    Conversation closed!

  2. yeah, thats true. but i dont think its like this just with music. take any other profession that isnt one of the standard doctor, engineer (and now) software engineer types and you’d get a similar reaction methinks.

  3. Sir, u r truly a great inspiration to the musec lovers in the college.. i have never before seen such a lot of talent in one person.. u r truly gifted by God, n all that u r doin is passing this on to the privileged students of christ coll! (i mean to the choir).. My personal testimony = i no a lot more in music 2day than wat i knew 2 yrs ago, not jus in singin (i no i cant match wid de rest of de awesome singers in de choir, especially de altos!) but also in learning lil more in guitaring n keys.. thanx 2 u sir! May God bless u n ur family..

  4. A true inspiration, a blessing to our choir and college, total fun and jolly, and understanding…and i must add “very patient” (especially with our awesome tenors!)….that’s what u r, sir!…u’ve really helped me see the fantasy behind music…thanx to u, i know a lot more about music today and i totally enjoy it! The last 2 yrs have been truly eventful and fun thanx to the choir…especially this year, with all the extra time that went into music…hope u come up with more ideas like “Sound Curry”…that was the best!
    Like daisy said, U’RE TRULY BLESSED N GIFTED….

    God bless ya!

    P.S. KIA’S awesome in every way!

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