the missing link

Our society hasn’t yet understood that music is a part of life. Music is considered extraneous to normal life. ‘First studies… then music.’ ‘First job… then music.’ As long as this continues the quality and freshness of our music suffers. Instead we just have regurgitated trash gracing our ears. Why can’t people see music as a good developmental tool? It could actually be important in the growth of the individual and our society. But no. No one wants to listen.

3 thoughts on “the missing link”

  1. hey i am listening…
    u can’t wait for some else to make that change. You, more than anyone else, has that power…and without knowing it you are making a change by being who you are!
    And So am I … i hope!
    Even if society does not openly acknowledge it music has and always will be a central part of every culture.

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