10 years

i’m normally very nostalgic. or at least i thought i was. the 10th year TAAQ gig which was brilliant fun (considering i had a dripping wet keyboard) was not a damp squib as such but didn’t feel the emotion that i thought I would. it made me wonder about nostalgia. made me almost nostalgic for it.


One thought on “10 years”

  1. It probably helps to loosen your shackles a bit, Mr. Chandy. And respond honestly to the feeling.

    It’s been a long ride for all of us, and at various times we’ve thought about staying on the bus, or getting off it, or being told to get off, or even being thrown off it.

    Nostalgia is not always willful (I know you will disagree), but it’s a natural emotion. No use doctoring it.


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