image of longing

Just like you
he looked
with the still sure intensity.
The guitar slung
the hair flopped
and the thin wry frame.
the voice, different but the style…?
eerie in it’s piracy.
meeting a clone
made me
the longing of fleshly presence
and not just a clone fall.


2 thoughts on “image of longing”

  1. ‘eerie in its piracy’..! brilliant line! is the rest of the poem… your a poet and you dint know it chandysaar, 🙂

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….you wont belive it (oh, maybe u will) but perhaps due to my ever aging brain cells, I didnt realise the significance of the last line till now. I read it and wondered what it was about since it seemed unlikly that you would simply put it there for no reason…brill !

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