5 gigs and no funeral (we hope)

Saturday 16th. – Sound Curry, Christ college choir, Christ college auditorium, Christ college. Not all there but great fun.

Sunday 24th – IIT Delhi, Thermal and a quarter, Delhi.

Saturday 30th – MCC (High School), Aaroha, Chennai
Sunday 1st CMC, Aaroha, Vellore
Monday 2nd CMC, Aaroha, Vellore

ummm not sure why I’m writing all this but maybe it’s that funny feeling that I get behind my shin when I don’t play the bass.


2 thoughts on “5 gigs and no funeral (we hope)”

  1. must say the show wuz good fun đŸ™‚ really liked it… and btw the name reminds me of Luiza sayin ‘fish curry’ in our class….infact the name wuz one reason i came ..:) miss those classes of hers….

  2. yes yes ! nod nod ! it was a great show..i especially liked surely! i remember the words ! n sang our college anthem loudly..hehehehe

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