an eye for an eye and a butt for a jibe

I am disappointed with Zidane. Not because he slammed into that racist Materazzi. It’s the silly convoluted reasoning of the event that he or his publicity stooges are giving that gets me.

Sorry to all the kids and sorry to everyone else but hey I had to do what I had to do. Sorry but I don’t regret it. If didn’t butt him then his insult would’ve been true. EY!!???

Do one or the other great man. Either say sorry or don’t. Don’t try both. You’ve now given every kid the right to hit somebody because he calls you a !@#$#@.

The whole question of justice is thrown up here. If someone’s insult is met with physical violence then is that crude justice? Some would say yes because racists deserve it. But this crude justice is just an example of the continual cycle of vengeance that keeps violence and suffering alive and well in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Iraq… the list is endless.

Which is why the seemingly bizarre, ‘eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ is actually a better form of justice than that which Zidane demonstrated for us.

I would rather he laughed and went on to score a marvellous ‘zizou’ goal. It’s what my hero would’ve done.


2 thoughts on “an eye for an eye and a butt for a jibe”

  1. but what do u suggest when it’s not two people, but peoples, three nations, terrorist Islamists and terrorist Zionsists, what then?

  2. don’t really understand the question. but as far as I can understand the question the ‘eye for an eye’ paradigm is only a balancing concept rather than a solution. Gandhi and Martin Luther King had a more long lasting solution…

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