the wonder of warmth

the word warm is nice when you’re in England. warmth encompasses all that’s nice in weather which is cold and damp. And we’re lucky. the weather improved pretty dramatically to get to a nice 13 degrees centigrade. We’re happy and Kiarna definitely is too. She had a pretty good flight considering everything, the 3.30 am waking, the long queues in the airport and the absence of a baby meal on the flight! Yes we had called up BA’s Bangalore office and were told that there were baby meals available but obviously those pillocks were wrong. The stewardesses though were very helpful and cooing and got together some food for little one with beautiful eyes.

we reached heathrow and i didn’t have to go through immigration as i had a british family now. Reaching the main foyer we were greeted by tons of English flags. Not british ones mind you, but good ol st. george’s cross flags. Some dude must’ve been landing. Saw one of those chairs which you carry people in to felicitate them. Must been some proper old English lad. Our driver Phil said it was because the underground wasn’t working. Good ol dry brit humour. Ah…

Kiarna so far enjoying england but she hates the amount of clothing she’s got to put on in order to go out. hates all the straps needed in the car seat and pushchair and feeding seats. it’s a hard life.

we’ve kind of got into our holiday with a whole bunch of paperwork out of the way Phew!… in heaven there will be no paperwork. Amen!

we’ve managed to polish off 25 ferrero rochers in 6 days. that’s pretty good i think.

well it keeps us warm. Cheerio!


2 thoughts on “the wonder of warmth”

  1. Some babies have all the luck. She’s just 1/20th my age and she’s already seen more of the world than I have. but it’s good that she’s getting to have so much fun in life.
    By the way you didn’t explain your comment about positivism and relativism

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