Christmas Cheer

My thoughts on Christmas range from cynical to cheesy sweet. So in order to avoid confusion I resort to (in the words of a preacher) “beautiful thoughts from the heart of sunil, reaching to your heart, in moments of quietness…”.. Groan! The sweetness of it all!

Who came to visit Jesus before the Wise Men? The X-Men!

Santa Claus is known as the patron saint of thieves. Is it because he is known as St. Nick?

Christmas cakes in Kerala are very musical because of the I-sing on them.

People are never content. Every Christmas they want a crib.

From Goodness Gracious Me: The Wise Men actually were from India, which is proven by the song, ‘We Three Singhs of Orient are…’

My real Christmas thoughts sometime later…

Kiarna’s first Christmas! Last Christmas we found out she was on her way. And now we have this gurgling little package.

Cherry MissMass Everyone!


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