I’m out…

only for a fortnight, and we’re only 2 days in and my daughter is all smiles and gurgles. It’s great to be out of that hole that they call an IT city.

where dust is our fresh air
machines our nature’s sound,
where roads kill,
the back, the person and her soul,
the sky, brown and cold,
the jam, thick and steaming
the nightmare called Bangalore.

why am I still here? Lot of people I love and cherish are here. That’s it. If all of us could just move to the hills… *sigh*


4 thoughts on “I’m out…”

  1. It’s a lot more than just people that I cherish. There’s a feeling of belonging that I can’t escape from. This city is in my blood, and it’s earth blends with the sweat on my skin till I’m coated with a layer of Bangaloreness that makes me idistinguishable from the rest of the city. I can leave this city some day, but I will never outgrow it, never be relieved from that itch that grows between my shoulder blades everytime I leave.

  2. I spend half the year in a “city” the size of a small town, which is in the hills (well, between a lot of them anyway) of North Wales. Bangor’s pretty rock-on!

    All the best for Christmas!


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