Thermal and a Quarter at Christ College

TAAQ is playing at the ol alma mater it evolved out of. 10 years ago Bruce, Rajeev and me played 3 piece there. The seeds of my bass playing… *sigh* Nostalgeeitus… Bad case… Anyhow we’re playing at 4ish, Saturday 17th. Be there. There’s an experiment being conducted. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Thermal and a Quarter at Christ College”

  1. it was a totally rocking show sir.. i mean u guys looked like u’ll were still studying in christ and were in ur 3rd yr or something.. amazing.. and one more thing.. i’d like to have bruce back on vocals.. atleast for a few songs.. pleeeeeeeez 🙂

  2. woah woah !! wait a second ! what was this experiment ?? and why is bruse not singing ?? i unfortunately couldn make it for the show …..

  3. It was a super show! You guys sounded super good .. sanjay and me were actually commenting how it was among the best TAAQ shows we’ve been to!

    David was good on the vocals and like Bruce said later … its now that the fun begins!

    Waiting for new material with David!

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