Yesterday my wife was called an Anglican. The bean placed this accusation neatly on the comments page. You’re in trouble mate, commas notwithstanding,,,

A relevant extract

….one of the popes back in the 400s was called…

Hilarius. Known as the Pope Saint Hilarius.

He signed his letters,

P.S. Hilarius

People would point at him and inform the new touristy barbarians ‘that’s Hilarius!’ The barbarians in order not to give offence to the local natives would giggle and smile at the ol pope and have their heads chopped off for the tolerant gesture.

from sunil chandy’s to be published book: Fictive facts and factual fiction – the fun way for your child to be confused

5 thoughts on “wha…?”

  1. ah yes.. u do have a strong point there as far as the hilarious thing is concerned..

    as malls would say “gud JOAB oann the poaste”

  2. I’m dismayed by your disregard of punctuation, and if your upcoming book is lacking in this department, I shall not buy it!

  3. Mr Chandy sir, comma comma now don’t tell me you never learnt to punctuate. If you are representative of the Anglican population, methinks perhaps your previous post was unnecessary.
    But your fictive facts do interest me.

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