Long weekend


Take Kiarna to hospital for the second round of shots. She decides that her breakfast was inadequate and demands immediate brunch. Nurses helpful for once. Get a makeshift feeding room. Long wait for doc. See doc. Brunch not enough for Kia – very early lunch. Long wait to pay bills etc. etc. etc. Long wait to get the shots. Kia is not amused. Long wait for orthopaedic doctor. Kia filing complaints in septiclate. 3 stressed people come back home. Washing machine decides to go on strike. Dinner provided by Ajit. Phew! Kiarna decides that 3 am is a good time for play.

Ask for washing machine service person to make an appearance. Prompt appearance assured. Prompt appearance unfulfilled for the entirety of the day. Luiza gets a stomach bug. Gives the washing machine people a good shouting. Kia’s play time is now 2.30 am. Dinner provided by the Pauls.

Washing machineless but surviving. Sunil gets a stuffed up cold. Luiza’s stomach bug a bit better.

Sunil’s cold graduates to a fever. Self-imposed exile imposed to the other bedroom.


9 thoughts on “Long weekend”

  1. What a coincidence Bassman. I’ve been down and out over the weekend too as you might have guessed. But funnily so was pataani. Looks like Kia already has a healthier nightlife than the rest of the city. My sympathies to luiza who must put up with both bassman and kiagirl

  2. Luiza I should warn you, men grow younger as they grow older. So by the time a man gets to about fifty he’ll be a twelve year old. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard from women who’ve experienced it first hand.

  3. oh no!!! what’s going to happen to my husband then? I married a three year old so by the time we’re senior citizens he’ll be… what?

    as big as this full stop? ‘.’

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