a thought…

Talk of Stars Wars brought me to a deep philosophical question.

If Kiarna wore a dark helmet in her bath would she be Bath Wader?


7 thoughts on “a thought…”

  1. blogger should remain closed between 2 and 9 am… when rational thought is highly optional, and most anything seems to make you laugh…

  2. This new philosophical vein that the youth is adopting with such gusto is starting to raise deep, disturbing kwuschuns.
    Outstanding Achievement in Said Field is jointly shared by Jugular and ChandyB.

  3. What a vader to go! kya bath hain! Poor lil’ kiarna. I’m sure chandybass will tell her ‘I am your father!’ in due course (accompanied by theme music).

  4. did it when she was in the womb, mate. thankfully she didn’t scream ‘NNooooo!’ but if I am her father would she be Princess Kia?

    I’m gettin dirty han solo ver again.

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