tolerance threshold

i’m quite cheesed off. Not only does my baby have to bear with 3 days of firecrackers all around, now she has to try and sleep fitfully through a borewell being dug next door. Stupid !#$&%#@%&$@$%&*%$#s! Not very tolerant I know. We might live in a tolerant society but I’m afraid I’m on the way to becoming a misfit. Stupid !#$&%#@%&$@$%&*%$#s!

4 thoughts on “tolerance threshold”

  1. I sympathise bassman. It’s one of the things I’ve always wondered. If I ever have kids (as in adopt them, I refuse to bring in more kids into this world when there are millions already here with no way to survive) I don’t know if I want to raise them in this country.

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