The importance of Bbaug(maj)13

Bbaug(maj)13 prounounced ‘B flat augmented major thirteenth’ is an experience not to be undermined. And it’s a very keyboardist experience as well. Guitarists normally can’t play it. Ooops! Now Bruce will find a way to play it. Anyway, most normal guitarists can’t play it. Cause it’s got 6 different notes and those in the know, know that guitarists can only use 4 fingers to get their notes. Some cheat by using their thumb but we all know where that’ll end up. (No, not the thumb).

Bbaug(maj)13 is a beautiful crunchy chord, replete with innuendo. Innuendo in the sense, that within itself it has many hidden chords. In that sense, it represents to me the wondrous nature of a punny chord. Now I’m not going to Bach about my knowledge, but it’s something that everyone should try!

Here’s to the wondrousness of Bbaug(maj)13…

PS Guitarists actually can play it, but they need a bassist! Hail all bassists!


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