Creative Sandwiches

Once stuck in a desert, the deserted deserter hungered for something to eat and proceeded to the sand which is there…

I made a sandwich for Luiza the other day. It was simple and to the point. It was a sandwich. Here’s the recipe…

1 badly cut tomato (uneven extremely thick slices)
a cube of cheese 3cm x 3cm x 3cm
too much butter
two pre-cut pieces of bread
mangled slices of cucumber

put the first three items on the bread, in that order. The cucumber has to be forgotten and added in later. Present to the wife. Observe the surprise, the irritation, the exasperation and love on her face. To the question ‘where’s the cucumber?’ act surprised and add it in.

Here’s another

a lot of marmite
some slices of old chicken
pieces of pre-cut bread as required

Eat in any order. After all it’s a creative sandwich…

Any others?…


4 thoughts on “Creative Sandwiches”

  1. Since I am single (also, bachelor), I opt for the other easy to execute the same sandwich.
    1. Walk to Nilgiris/Empire.
    2. Purchase Sandwich.
    3. Leave it in deep freeze.
    4. If not consumed immediately, feed it to unwanted guest.

    Which reminds me, way back in 1930, a French Matress company produced a batch of really hard matresses. Needless to add, they went unsold. They changed the ad-campaign and added the line, “Matresses for unwanted guests”
    They sold like hot-cakes!

  2. Simple recipe. Buy Red Lentils. Boil them in water for 10 minutes.
    In a pan fry garlic, onions, some BADLy chopped tomatoes.
    Add some turmeric, chilli powder and some coriander powder.
    Let fry for a while, add boiled lentils, mix and let steam for a wee while. Salt as required.
    End with some chopped coriander garnishing.
    Polish it with your slice of friend.

    Your chef


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