Psycho Vegetables and other food items

Mad vegetables stalk the city!!!

Vegetables that have gone unbalanced in the head! Traumato, Cuckoomber and Potty-tato have caused the city much embarrassment and squirming due to their non-vegetarian desire for Freud eggs. It will take An Eon to sort this out, city officials say. ‘They are Jung and impressionable so it’s difficult to saute them out.’

Strange things have happened. What started out as a healthy relationship between a vegetable and a crustacean has resulted in a Crabbage. Doctors say that the impossible has happened. The media’s role has been criticised. Media Spin, Ache caused. Says the curt government statement.

Mr. Bean has been called into help, in order to avoid further carriots. Police said that within a few days there will be a restoration of Peas.


11 thoughts on “Psycho Vegetables and other food items”

  1. Seems we’re witness to some superior punning skills, must be your (a)uber-genes at work (only one pun intended) ! Come on ladies, fingers crossed that theres more on its way …..

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