The Punderous Pun contest

Yup, this is a contest for the longest and most improbable but grammatically correct sentence punning the word pun. Puns should be more or less in the region of English but other languages can be used if there is enough currency. Criteria for longest is basically the most number of puns on pun and no repetition of the same pun.

This is what I came up with.

The punter at the pun-indian convention, punderously punned his way, punishing with punache and punch, the puny pundits, who punitatively expunged, his need to punder to his punny instincts

That’s 13


19 thoughts on “The Punderous Pun contest”

  1. ChandyBass, here goes…

    Saskatoon the Spider, the resident pundit on the pundamentals of pundastic web-weaving, awoke one morning to find his homespun web unspun by Pug the Puny Punda of Pundicherry, and decided that the only punacea to this ill would be to secretly punish this act of punitive damage, for allowing him to walk away with impunity would opun a Pundora’s Box of strife between Outcaste Pundas and Pundamentalist Spider Insiders.

  2. The punny punter Punkaj Pundey reduces the size of his stupundous p(a)unch when he punches his punctured boxing bag whilst his punk punne (ponnu – to means chick in ye south indian language)Punchavati punders over the cryptic crossword, puncil in her hands ,with her ammai-appun for a synonym of the word punitive!

    Thats 15!!!

  3. Avalonian you have 2 repeats. Pundamentalist and Pundamentals are essentially the same root and same pun. Punda is a repeat as well. so it’s the magic 13. There’s Portuguese Welsh entry on the way!

  4. Chandy, I’m gonna disagree with you on the usage of puns. Throwing in loads of words which have the to-be-punned word embedded in them don’t count, in my opinion. A single joke shouldn’t have more than one or two puns, though the number of layers the puns can have is unlimited.

    For example
    Sherlock surveyed the final piece of cloth that was the result of his overnight efforts at the loom and with the needle. He had woven a sheet, and later embroidered a host of double entendres on it. Now he would cut them into smaller pieces, each with it’s own double meaning joke, and sell them. They would be famous, the Holmes Pun Yarns!

  5. I thought of another one (it don’t pun on pun, but I thought it was funny).
    My apologies to the characters in the following pun, and most of all to Luiza.

    For many years Sunil had been an ardent fan and admirer of Martin Barre, and now his dreams had come true: Martin had accepted his proposal, and in a few minutes they would be united in joyous matrimony (the wedding was being held in Massachussets, as it was the only state that would allow this). Sunil watched as Martin, resplendent in white, signed the marriage register, with his new wedded name – Chandy nee Barre.

  6. Dear Mr. Bean

    Your singular pun theory is not really cutting ice. The flaw with contest is that all the uses of pun needn’t be a pun.

    There can be more than one pun in a sentence, example, the inkspots cried because their mother was in the pen doing a long sentence.

  7. Mr Bean

    the telling of a long winded story to end in a pun is extremely British and extremely painful. And I’ve contradicted myself and not read your comment very correctly.

    A Paul Orgies

  8. Pundora was walking down the street to the library in her high-heeled punps, in search of a map of Punaji in Goa, since she wanted to have a puntastic holiday there, a holiday of pun and frolic, as soon as she got her got her boyfriend, a man of grace and punache to agree…

  9. ..darn.. i missed the contest..*devastated*.. altho.. this entry is like being shown a smoker’s lung.. u know wat bad habits(read puns) will do to you!! (sorry for bad analogy.. cudn’t think of anything worse..*grins*)

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