the hopeful cynic

They say that St. Thomas introduced Christianity to Kerala, the small strip of green on India’s western coast. I come from a community which claims to be founded by him and whether it’s true or not I’ve inherited his cynicism! (John 21:24cf)

Now cynicism could be used well. Cynicism ruins superstition, it blunts crappy media hype, and it never puts all eggs in one basket. And yet it can be debilitating when you lie awake all night, sure that your baby is going to wake any minute (while she sleeps peacefully for 5 hours!) or completely burst your friend’s excited bubble when he wishes you happy birthday, by saying ‘didn’t find anything better to do?’

I would like to be a good cynic, hence the hopeful bit in the title. I would like to see through the deception but accept that there is actually something good and rosy out there somewhere. Cynicism is somewhere linked to seeing the truth and hope is… well… something that keeps us human

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